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    Why is everything a web app nowadays?

    I wrote my first short story mainly in Treeline, much easier to set up.

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      It’s odd how lots of things are moving to web apps. I actually have a high web app workflow, Trello, Evernote and Gdocs, kinda crazy. What’s interesting is I can’t go back to desktop only word processors, Word and OpenOffice just don’t have the flow/ease-of-use for me.

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        I sort of had the opposite progression. I quit using word/office but went to plaintext, instead of online editing. At least for the long form stuff. Anymore, just opening an interface with more than 2 tool bars kind of stresses me out.

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          I use to use Evernote but switched to Bear Notes recently; the desktop client is superb (at least on OS-X, have not tried the Win-10 version).

          It has a really clever hash-tagging mechanism that allows you to easily create complex structures and change them in a snap, if necessary. Basically the hash-tags create the a psuedo-folder hierarchy navigation on the left. It’s also cloud connected so it’s always sync’d with my mobile etc. Pretty great tool, I highly recommend it.

          I’ve moved all my notes into it, whether it’s story ideas, outlines, time-tracking hours at my day job, or hell even my workout or current hockey gear. Handy to be able to look up all that stuff out and about.

          Bear Notes